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What do esports pros do that consistently set themselves apart from the pack? Why do the best teams always seem to win? How can I increase my personal performance in competitive video games? This video details 5 critical habits that the best esports players and teams all share, and how you can start

Probably every person who loves gaming thought at least once that it would be cool to become a professional gamer! What? The job where you spend your time playing your favorite game sounds like a dream job. In fact, it turns out that cybersport, like any other profession, is complex, requires self-discipline, endurance, and considerable effort. So let's be honest. If you watch this video, it's unlikely you desperately want to become a professional gamer. But if you want to impress your friends and relatives with your skills, you need to learn from the best, right? That's why we have picked for you all sorts of tricks that professional gamers use

Be kind, have fun, and enjoy yourselves. That's the whole point of gaming, of interacting with others, and of life. Make the most of every moment, and keep doing your best to be a better you each day! As always, Never Give Up, Never Stop Gaming and I'll see you next time!

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