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free mobile recharge gaming apps 2019 malayalam, use this hago app and you get free mobile recharge, play easy games with stringers win game you get mobile recharge and redmi mobile phones for free.

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What is HAGO App?

Friends, you must have heard of HAGO app by their ads which they were/are showing on Youtube and other platforms. You may have seen the Hindi ad or the English ad. Whatever you may have seen, from the ad, you should be knowing that HAGO is an app for playing games but this information is not enough. You may know that HAGO has games but may not know which type of games as well as some of its other features.

HAGO is an app in which you can play many games for free on your smartphone. It is available for both Android and iOS. HAGO has other features also like Chatrooms. It has also a feature by which you can see people around you that use HAGO with the distance between you and them. For this, you must enable location and allow the app to use it. Then, you can play games with people that are near to you or you can play just randomly.

What are the Games in HAGO?

There are many games to play in HAGO. The total number of games would be around 20-30 or even more(I did not count the number of games). Some popular games include Knives Hit, and Werewolves(my favourite game in HAGO app). Although most of the games of HAGO if not all are mini-games like Knives Hit but some games are very much addictive that even I played them for hours without knowing the time like Werewolves. There are 1v1, 2v2 as well as 8-10 players game also. In some games, you need to chat either by Voice or by Chat like Who is the Spy. Only a few games are already downloaded when you download HAGO but most of the games are of small sizes. Also, all the games are online multiplayer games. So, you can't play any game in HAGO without an active internet connection.

Chatrooms in HAGO

Another major feature of HAGO is its chatrooms. Chatrooms are online virtual spaces where people with common interests can chat and play games. There are different types of chatrooms available in HAGO like Chatroom for Music and showing your talent, making friends or just for playing games.You can make your own chatroom in HAGO after you have been in any other person's chatroom for at least an hour. You can make chatrooms for your friends and enjoy in HAGO together.
There are also diamonds in HAGO which you can buy with real money and gift your friends with virtual gifts present in HAGO's chatrooms.

HAGO App Review

HAGO's games are good and some are very addictive. HAGO allows the user to play games with nearby people or with friends which is a good thing to make new friends and know people that are near to you and use HAGO. Sometimes, HAGO's app is not responsive and the mini menu which pops up by clicking the corner of the app is very annoying. (I believe it can be removed) Sometimes, the game you are playing just closes without any reason. One Game of HAGO named Draw and Guess is not working(it does not start saying incorrect operation) but it still in beta so it is common for the game to have problems. Except this, I did not find any con in HAGO's app from hours of usage.
Mixing these all things, the conclusion that comes for HAGO app is 4/5.
You can download the HAGO app from Google Play Store or App Store if you want.




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