Earn Per Month From YouTube - Affiliate Marketing For Small Channels

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How to make money on YouTube (as a small channel)? You've probably seen other videos on YouTube explaining how to make money on YouTube and they all follow a very similar path. Build a subscriber base and get paid from advertisements a few bucks per every thousand views or whatever. That is the traditional way of monetizing a YouTube channel and this is NOT what I'm going to talk about in this video series because that’s not a very profitable business model unless you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers right now.

I assume you don’t and I DON’T have many subscribers either, so I am going to show you a strategy that works even if you don't have lots of subscribers and this strategy will actually make you more money than ads on YouTube anyways.

In today's Episode 1 we will be talking about affiliate marketing. For those not familiar with what that is, the term affiliate marketing as you it applies to YouTube is the creation of video content that contains affiliate links in the video or the description of the video.

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