7 Best Online Small Business Ideas to Start in 2019 for Beginners

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7 Best Online Small Business Ideas to Start in 2019 for Beginners

When I was a child, my family didn’t have much money. We lived in the Philippines during a time when the economy was suffering the ravages of a dictator who had his own best interest in mind. At one point we lived in a tiny one room bamboo hut on a plot of farm land, without plumbing, and went to the bathroom outdoors, and showered with a garden hose. Interestingly I had no idea were poor, because it’s all I knew. And thankfully my parents did their best to make ends meet so that we always had more than enough to eat.

When we arrived in the United States however, it became quite clear that we didn’t have the resources that others had. Kids at school made fun of me because my clothes were old, and I had outgrown them. My parent’s friends had cars that were so new and drove so smoothly, they might as well have been spaceships to my 7 year old mind, whereas our car, which my dad bought for $200, was an extremely bumpy ride and had rusty dents all over it. Nevertheless, my parents always did their best to make ends meet, and we always had more than enough food on the table.

My dad worked in the warehouse of a clothing company, and often times there were clothing samples that the company had no need for, so they gave them to the employees. After a while, we had a surplus of belts, jackets, and other articles of clothing that we also had no need for. One day my dad suggested that I sell the clothes at school. Not expecting much, and a bit embarrassed/nervous at the thought of trying to sell stuff to others, yet also a bit excited as to the possibilities, I took a few of the surplus belts to school. The first kid I told about my wares Iaughed a bit, in that “I’m embarrassed for you” kind of laugh, but interestingly hardly hesitated in purchasing one of the belts. Before long, I had many customers and was putting away a little gangster wad of cash in one of my bedroom drawers.

Coming from such meager beginnings truly helped me to appreciate the worth of money. It also taught me that money is to be earned by providing something of value, whether it be a service or product.

This little lesson in enterprise that my dad instilled in me early on led me to start many businesses in my life. Some hardly got off the ground, despite tons of hard work, some were fairly successful, and one was a huge success that literally allowed me to manifest a recurring dream I had as a teenager, of living in the hills of Los Angeles and driving a nice sports car through the canyons.

Eventually my values changed however. After all, teenage dreams are most appreciated by teenagers, and as I matured I sought a deeper sense of purpose. I allowed myself to wander, gave myself creative freedom, and the permission to stare out onto the horizon and ponder the endless possibilities.

I made the video below for you entrepreneurial spirits. It’s the result of my last few months of exploring this world of digital marketing to see what opportunities I could really get passionate about. It’s also for those of you who are curious about the possibility of working for yourself and traveling the world more. I hope it also inspires you to search for your horizons.

1. Online Business Opportunities for digital nomads and entrepreneurs - basically anyone that is seeking financial and location independence:

1. Create a Social Media Marketing Agency Specializing in Facebook Ads
1. Training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR6ATUw0BIU

2. Start a Shopify Store
1. http://www.shopify.com
2. Print on Demand: https://www.printful.com/
3. Dropshipping apps: https://ecommerce-platforms.com/articles/10-best-shopify-dropshipping-apps

3. Sell with Amazon FBA: https://services.amazon.com/fulfillment-by-amazon/benefits.htm

4. Become a Freelancer and Outsource to Other Freelancers:
1. Upwork: https://www.upwork.com/
2. https://www.onlinejobs.ph/

5. Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing:
1. Amazon Affiliates: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

6. Become a YouTuber
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myCKG_6wmXk&t=126s
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD1sUsS1brk

7. Create Online Classes:
1. Teachable: http://sendmeto.teachable.com/vRCFC
2. Skillshare: https://skillshare.com
3. Udemy: http://www.udemy.com/
4. Successful Youtube plus online course case study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myCKG_6wmXk&t=126s
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